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Our law firm in a member of AEA. The AEA, International Lawyers Network of offices covering most of the world´s countries. The offices that enjoy the best prestige and importance in each country have been selected; those who count with the best professionals. The network has its origin within the European Union and with time, has been expanding to the remaining countries in the world, beginning with the countries that not yet belong to the EU, and followed by the majority of countries of America, Asia and Africa.

The AEA presents the largest net of the world´s Attorneys, as there is no other net of offices that cover so many countries and locations.

In many of these countries, all the main cities are covered; this is the reason why the Association has several seats in some of the countries.

The offices have been chosen with rigour according to selection standards that valued professionalism, competence, and efficiency in every one of the chosen professionals.

All the members of the Association gather once a year in a Congress that takes place on a rotary basis in every one of the 27 countries that conform the EU.

The lawyer members of the Association value as main rule regarding what their job concerns, deontology and professional ethics. The Association has been very careful in this sense, selecting the lawyers that not only offer uniform standards of quality but equally stainless ethic and deontology profiles in all of its members.

Legal services in Ukraine- Andrei Osipov Ghenadievici

  • Legal assistance an representation in civil and criminal law;
  • Legal representation in relation with  public authorities
  • Arbitration